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Good Advice
Good Advice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The best advice you can ever get is that there is no grand secret”

There is no grand theory for life or getting ahead. No grand design, no grand plan. We all have to find our own way, each of us face a unique set of circumstances in life. What works for one person will not necessarily work for you.

The best advice that anyone can ever give you is that there really is “no secret advice”. You have to find things out for yourself in your own way and time. A lot of people pay thousands of dollars for this realisation which often comes wrapped up in volumes of books, seminars, etc. I’m giving it away for free today. A simple truth that may help many people. Power to the people!!

Today’s missing link is missing.

What’s missing?

a drawing of a 4 piece jigsaw puzzle
a drawing of a 4 piece jigsaw puzzle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is the Missing Link all about?

Forget about trying to find answers. It’s like when you think you have the answers but discover there is a piece or two or three missing. Some pieces might even be broken or come from a different puzzle altogether. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle except that in life you never really have the complete picture, just bits and pieces, and sometimes you try and change the pieces a bit to suit your needs or the picture you paint for yourself and others.

Don’t worry too much about life. Here are some missing Youtube links to enjoy instead!!

Missing link 1

Missing link 2

Feel free to share any insights or missing links you might have.